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desperately searching ADA MP1 schem...

3/5/2000 8:50 PM
desperately searching ADA MP1 schem...
My eleven years old ADA MP-1 has been having some problems for quite a while and I haven't succeeded in locating the problem. Schematic would be a great help on tracking down the problem. ADA does not seem to be alive anymore so that road is closed. Does anybody have the schematic for this device available?  
And... I found a nice power-amp for ADA, an old Selmer Stereomaster that has strange preset tone buttons on it. Unfortunately previous owner had disabled those functions from the device, including some sort of "standard rotary" (fake leslie?) that would be nice to have in stereo amp. Again schematic would be much appreciated!  
Thanks for your kind efforts,  
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3/5/2000 9:02 PM
Steve A.

    Take a look at the schematic section of my site:  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. So how is the weather in Finland? It's been nice and sunny here in California (at least when it's not raining).
3/6/2000 9:42 AM
Rick Erickson

Ummm - You don't have an ADA MP-1 schematic Steve, There's a Marshall MP-1 but that's a very different unit. Speaking of schematics, what's up with the Fender Dual Prof. GIF?. I can't view it or download it.  
3/6/2000 10:36 AM
Re: desperately searching ADA MP-1 schem...
Sorry, didn't find the schem there! Anyhow thanks for your schematics section, its a pleasure to check it every now and then!  
By the way Finnish importer for ADA MP-1 refused sending me a copy of the schem, the message was that the schem is so messy that "no-one can read it ".  
Weather here in southern Finland is snowy at the moment, we're just waiting for the spring to come :) If you like skiing it's OK.  
Petri Vuori
3/7/2000 5:04 AM
Steve A.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Try these links:  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Now you have me wondering what other schematics I forgot to add to my index file... 8-)
3/7/2000 1:09 PM

Didn't you use to have a schematic for the marshall power brake? I saw the recent thread on power attenuators and remembered downloading from (I thought) your site several years ago but have since cleaned up the old hard drive and no longer have it. I was going to refer them to your site but went to your site to make sure it was there and couldn't find it.  
Excellent site by the way!  
3/7/2000 2:01 PM
Mike Burgundy
Power brake
Found it here:

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