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Matchless clubman transformers

2/23/2000 7:10 AM
Matchless clubman transformers
can anyone lead me in the right direction for cloning a Matchless Clubman. I need help on figuring out what types of output and power transformers and choke are used in this amp.  
2/23/2000 1:29 PM
Randy Who was Matchless's Trannie manufacturer?
I would like to know who made all of their iron. I've posted this a few times, but noone seems to want to answer this one.
2/23/2000 2:00 PM
J Fletcher Mercury Magnetics
I think. Saw an ad for Mercury Magnetics and the copy listed Matchless as one of their customers. The transformer in the ad looked like a Matchless as well....Jerry
2/23/2000 3:11 PM

Can you make individual orders with them?
2/23/2000 8:37 PM

Is there a type of transformer I can substitute those with?  
2/23/2000 8:54 PM
Mike Kach
Re: Who was Matchless's Trannie manufacturer?
I have a set of matchless transformers if you are interested  
2/23/2000 9:39 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: Matchless clubman transformers
The important thing to remember when choosing transformers for the Clubman is the large amount of current draw from the EL34's in class A. If you choose to build it stock like the schematic, you will end up with a plate to cathode voltage of about 440vdc and a current draw of about 55ma per tube!. That's a plate dissipation of close to 25 watts.......pushing the tubes to there limit and the PT and OT if you don't choose the correct iron.  
I would use a Hammond 1650P 60W, 6600 ct or the 1650R 100W, 5000 ct for the OT.  
For the PT I would use a 273BX (350-0-350 DC ma 175.)  
These may seem like overkill transformers........ but believe me..... you want the extra headroom with this design. I used a reclaimed OT on my clone and after running it for a couple of hours the OT and the PT get cooking because I underestimated the heat generated by this amp.  
it's a fun project.........but make sure your order the correct parts.  
Have fun,  

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