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switching using relays? help.

2/11/2000 1:42 AM
switching using relays? help.
ok heres what im trying to do:  
i have a memory man i am verry fond of; however, i place it on top of my marshall because i like to play wiht the delay knob to make wild noises...  
due to this the footswitch on it is kinda of little use to me..  
so what i want to do is basically create a on/off effects loop for it...  
i could easly set this up with a standard DPDT switch.  
but then im going to have to run alot more cable -- to and from the pedal to the floor -- so i want to try to create something i can sit right next to it and then using a relay (i think) switch it off and on.  
much how the channel or reverb switching works in modern amps.  
i think i explained that clearly.  
i have a drawing of what im trying to accomplish if that would help.  
2/11/2000 4:13 AM
Don Symes

If you don't mind having to go touch the thing to turn it on and off (and don't have issues with maintaining its vintage virginity), what about replacing the footswitch with a toggle?  
If you really want remote switching, consider a 4066-based switch running from the MM's battery controlled by a stompswitch in a remote box. Relatively easy and cheap, but no true bypass.  
A relay approach is really going to want an AC adapter due to current consumption.  
Have a look at Jack Orman's AMZ site (linked at top level of Ampage) for some good ideas. Aron Nelson's site, too.
2/11/2000 4:41 AM

... you might also look at the latching relay circuit at GEO that uses only a latching relay, a CD4049 and a momentary switch. You get true bypass and an indicator. The relay also changes state and "sticks" without further power, so the power issue about relays is minimized. The circuit can be adapted to a non-latching relay as well if your memory man is AC powered.
2/11/2000 4:50 AM
Don Symes

Even better. Thank you, sir.
2/11/2000 3:53 PM

thanks for all the help...  
im diggin thru the information you guys gave me and expermineting soem to see what i can get to happen...  

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