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What gauge wire for amp mods/building?

2/9/2000 7:59 PM
Stone Lee
What gauge wire for amp mods/building?
So what is the recommended guage and type of wire for amp mod'ing and building? Stranded/solid, etc?  
thanks, You guys have taught me a lot at Ampage!!!
2/9/2000 9:25 PM
Benjamin Fargen

20-22ga 300v for your low voltage and signal runs. (use belden shielded wire on input jack to grid runs and reverb circuit grids.)  
Use 18ga 600v for high voltage supply runs and 6.3v filament wires.  
Stranded or solid wire is a preference issue.......solid wire is great for bending clean runs......but it is not as forgiving as stranded and can break easier at the solder joints if you have to reroute any wires.  
2/9/2000 9:35 PM
Stone Lee

What would you consider "low voltage"? Anything that isn't directly from the rectifier?  
2/9/2000 10:39 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Low voltage would be considered anything in the amp circuit under 300vdc. This will be most everything in the preamp, reverb circuit, phase inverter,and tone stack.  
All the wires running from your rectifier to your PS caps, PS caps to your plate resistors, screen grids and PS grounds need to be the 18ga 600v.  
2/10/2000 5:16 AM
Stone Lee

Thanks again. :)
2/13/2000 4:42 AM
Jimmy Page
18 ga is OK. Don't go thicker because of skin effect. You want electrons to flow thru the wire evenly. Thicker wire has a certain amount of skin effect and electrons in the center of the conductor will flow slower than those on the outside leading to destructive phase differences within the wire itself.  
I prefer high quality solid silver alloy. Stranded wire is inferior for tone because of oxidation between strands that is destructive to sound. Be sure to use teflon insulation instead of the polyethylene junk they sell at RadioSnatch. This is important because teflon reduces stray capacitance between conductors by a factor of 16:1 as compared to polyethylene since teflon has a drastically lower dielectric constant.  
Your pal,  
2/13/2000 8:16 AM

I agree with Ben and Jimmy.. I thought i would put this in too. Recently i got to see an amp that was hand built by an old radio guy. He built a fender super/reverb. Hand bent the chassis. and even the footswitch was hammered out of a piece of thick aluminum.. This was the MOST quiet amp i ever heard. had to put your ear to the speakers to make sure it was on. inside he had run wires and then shielded around them. He learned his electronics in the military. And His first amp was a work of art. He didn't play guitar, and wanted us to let him know what it needed. Sound wise.  
When he gets a little understanding of what guitar players are wanting,he'll be making some Great amps for sure.  
I always found it weird that some solid wire ..used in certian places, would pick up vibrations.. I think thats why you see some places put the silicone to hold them still.Just thought i'd add this.. Richie  
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