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shareware CAD prog for tube schematics?

1/24/2000 3:04 AM
Wild Bill
shareware CAD prog for tube schematics?
This has almost certainly been asked before but does anyone know of a shareware site with program(s) for drafting ut tube circuits?  
Since I write like a doctor I really need help!  
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1/31/2000 2:26 AM

Sorry that I can not help, but I too would like some info on this subject.  
thanks! Ed
2/7/2000 6:38 PM

For anyone in the UK, this month's PC Plus magazine has got Autosketch 5 free on the cover. Full version with electronics libraries (including all kinds of useful tubes).  
The magazine's probably not that good, but Autosketch for 5 quid is definitely the way to go.

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