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New AX84 Domain and Forum

1/19/2000 3:17 AM
Chris Hurley
New AX84 Domain and Forum
Just a little note... Some of you may access the AX84 website via the mirror here at ampage. For those of you who care, we now have our own domain: Stop by and check us out. :)  
Those of you who remember reading the forum when it used to be here at ampage might be happy to know that it has returned to that format. If you're comfortable with tboy's fine BBS software, you should be right at home on our new BBS, since I blatently ripped off the look and feel of it. Stop by and check it out. It's got the full archive of the old and recent messages, all in one place and searchable.  
While we've got some great people posting now, we've lost a lot of great ampagers who used to post when it was here. I'd love to be able to see some old faces again... The link is if you're curious.  
[now returning you to your normal ampage discussions]  

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