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Who's the oldest fart here?

1/15/2000 12:28 AM
Who's the oldest fart here?
It's amazing, I've been reading the old vs new amp threads. we all seem to be vintage ourselves, although I might be one of the more senior. I'm going to be 55 in MArch. Still playing!  
Anyone else want to take the plunge?  
1/15/2000 1:13 AM
Well, you got me by four years. I still remember as a kid, walking into the local music store and seeing the row of brand new black face Fenders. We got a new band leader, so the Fenders have been put away and I'm back on Marshalls.  
Imagine a fifty year old with three Marshall half stacks... maybe I'll grow up.  
1/15/2000 2:37 AM
John S.

Hey Hamilton....Never grow up my friend....I remember walking into the massive block long Sam Ash store in Hempstead L.I. N.Y. around 72 or so and seeing all the high end guitars like the strats,teles,and high end Gibson guitars behind glass cases above me....Wow! What a site to see all those expensive Fender Strats,and guitars like Hendrix played,Blackmore,Clapton,etc....The guy told me that they only let serious guys try their gutars out...I was like 12 then....They also had these 2 incredible Marshall used stacks in their used room....The entire 100 watt heads with the 2 taller vintage 4x12 cabinets.Imagine what my thoughts were standing in front of these monsters! They probably were new and they didn't have room for these in their regular show room,but wow! Instead I learned to shed away on my Lafayette guitar and amp thay my dad bought me....What a cool time it was then for me as a young interested kid! John S.
1/15/2000 2:41 AM
John S.

Wow! looks like I'm the baby at 39 here guys....Ha,Ha!  
I own a Marshall 73 50 watt head,a Marshall Vintage 30 4x12 cab,66 Fender Blackfaced Pro Reverb,Tremoverb head and matching 2x12 Rectifier cabinet,and 2 Fender screamer Pro Juinors.....1 blonde and 1 tweed....Trust me when I say,there are lots more I'd like to have also....Ha,Ha! John S.
1/16/2000 11:16 AM
Jim R Ya only have to get older ,ya don't have to grow up
SHIT, I'm FORTY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/15/2000 1:18 AM
Re: Who's the oldest fart here?
well i feel like a young whipper-snapper now  
har har ... at 47 .. and i'll never grow up  
and quit playin' that 'lectric guitar!! No wonder we all seemed partial to 'vintage' amps.
1/15/2000 1:21 AM
Dave James

...ok, ok - I'll check in at 47 also. A '65 Pro-Reverb, a '66 Super-Reverb, a '95 Crate VC2110, 3 or 4 amps I built myself and various guitars.  
I guess I'm committed!  
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