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VC-30 Crate tubes??

1/7/2000 11:04 PM
VC-30 Crate tubes??
just picked up an older Crate Vintage Club 30  
with white tolex and oxblood grille cloth:  
two channels, each w/reverb,  
plus effects input and fsw jack--  
it does BF clean w/ sparkle  
to fender/marshall OD/crunch,  
almost like the real things.  
but what tubes are on board?  
(can't get at them w/out taking off  
whole back panel which chassis seems bolted to....)  
thanks, bill
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1/8/2000 2:53 AM
John Kos

You may have an easier time getting to the tubes by taking the two vent plates off the top and reaching through the holes. Taking the back off is quite a bit more labor intensive.  
The original tubes are four Sovtek 12AX7WBs and four Sovtek EL84s.  
Good luck,  
John Kos
1/8/2000 4:20 AM

thanks, john.  
and a couple of tube question follow-ups:  
**what are some of the best-sounding EL84s?  
**and very good sounding cost-effective EL84's?  
thanks, bill
1/8/2000 4:31 AM
Rob W.

Look at Mooks taste tests on the EL84:  
IMHO... the best current production EL84 is TESLA/  
JJ Electronic.  
These seem to have the most detailed range to me.  
Sadly, these like all current production, tend to get  
microphonic very quickly...  
Get yourself a good matched quad, it should only run  
you about $35-$45 depending on where you get them.  
FYI- Crate "VC" series tend to run their EL84's at  
extremely high plate voltages... Be sure to replace  
your output tubes often (if you gig regularly)  
And maybe invest in a fan to keep them as cool  
as possible...  
Just some fun suggestions! :-)  
Good Luck!  
Rob W.
1/8/2000 4:23 AM

John is being kind...  
Old Sovtek preamp tubes are pretty poor for the most part.  
If it is original, it has four crappy Sovtek EL84s.  
Get them all out and replace them if they're not new.  
The amp will sound like a different amp with Tesla/JJ EL84s or NOS EL84s and good preamp tubes like NOS or Sovtek 12AX7LPs.  
The amps sound really good with Tesla/JJ El84s and a RUBY 7025STR in the first preamp section with good old GE 12AX7s in the rest.  
1/8/2000 8:51 AM
THANKS for all comments and suggestions!!  
1/11/2000 9:57 PM

What is the bias procedure for this amp?  

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