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Browser lock-ups after a post here...

12/29/1999 10:24 AM
Steve A.
Browser lock-ups after a post here...
    This seems to happen a lot with my particular computer and browser (NS4.7). I have watched the loading indicator sweep back and forth for up to 5 minutes sometimes, wondering if and when it will ever end. For the heck of it, I just tried hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the Close Program dialog box in Win95 and then hitting Cancel. Immediately after I hit Cancel, Netscape snapped out of the "trance" it had been in and the thread window was redrawn... Coincidence? Maybe someone else having this problem can try it to see if they have similar results. I'll keep trying it out every time NS 4.7 seems to lock up and will post my results.  
Steve Ahola  
12/29/1999 3:24 PM

Apparently there is HTML code that locks up Netscape every time. I had the problem consistently with the sports articles on Excite, one selection on the WeberVST main menu, and other places I can't remember. I'm about ready to give up and switch to IE. I haven't had your problem though with NS4.6.
12/29/1999 3:43 PM
Don Symes

Backtrack to NS 4.5 or 4.6 before you go with Infinite Evil.
1/2/2000 7:23 AM
Steve A.

    I just upgraded to Win98 today to be able to fully utilize my new 27.3GB hard drive (quite a process involved since the upgrade package does not include a bootable CD or floppy). Programs seem to load much faster (I even noticed this with my older FAT16 drives before copying them over to my mega-gig monster drive.)  
    I mention all of this because I was *sure* that Win98/IE would have screwed up NetScape but it hasn't- at least not yet! I tried installing PhotoSuiteII (with IE5) last year and after doing that NetScape Navigator was completely disabled. 8-(  
    In any case, my browser loads much faster and when I click on a link to AMPAGE the screen is drawn before I can say supercalifragiliciousexpialitocous (sp?). So maybe the problems I've noticed were caused by the combination of hardware and software on my end of the internet connection...  
Steve Ahola
1/8/2000 5:54 AM
John Fisher

This is probably a little off the subject.  
I don't know the main usage that you have for your computer but I do a lot of audio work on mine. In my studio I have little by little been using the computer for every aspect of recording audio. I use about 4 different main audio programs and about 30 different plugins.  
I have found that for audio work, win95 is much better than win98. This is after using the 2 on at least 4 different computers. Win98 always gave me a lot of problems. I later found out that many other people that do audio prefer win95 as opposed to win98. My hope is that win2000 will be better. Will see.  
I'm sure that win98 is probably better for the web and other things but like I said "I'm probably off the subject."  
Thanks again for all your help in my amp building.  
All the best to you.  
John Fisher  
1/8/2000 7:36 AM
Steve A.

    I appreciate your input! I've been using an old slug of a computer (Asus VX97 mb w/ 166mhZ MMX cpu) and was having nothing but problems with my much-patched version of Win95. I have a second computer with the same basic configuration which is my "music" computer, but haven't gotten very far in setting up my studio yet. I was planning to upgrade that one to W98, too, to take advantage of the FAT32 structure but in view of your comments maybe I better put that on hold...  
    Which version of Win95 have you been using? Are your disks formatted to FAT16 or FAT32? Any specific problems that have been mentioned about Windows 98? (It has been less than a week that I've been using W98 but my computer seems to be faster and more stable doing just basic wp, drawing and browsing.)  
Steve Ahola
1/8/2000 5:18 PM
John Fisher

My wife uses win98 on her laptop and it's great for the web and graghics with it's slick,  
user friendly interface (definately better than win95 in that respect).  
I have 2 other computers in 2 studios, one is a P2 , 333 and the other is a P3, 500. I  
have in both computers tried using different installations of win98 for audio use, and  
although it sort of worked, I eventually always went back to win95 as win98 would have  
problems sometimes with stalling during the recording or playing of audio.  
I also went thru the exact same experience with my non MMX P200 which is about the  
equivalent to your 166 MMX. BTW, even with my p200 I got very good results recording  
audio as with a "Gina" card I was able to get up to 20 tracks of audio playing back. (  
You should of coarse have at least 64 MEGs of RAM.) A lot depends on your sound  
card and the program you are using. The 2 main programs that I use are Cakwalk 8.1  
and Sound Forge 4.5. I have others also but with this you can do almost anything you  
want with excelent quality. These 2 programs will also host any kind of plugin that is  
"Direct X" and there are lot's.  
I could go on and on about this if you ever have any questions.  
I am not too familiar with the earlier versions of win95 but the version that I use which  
is "win95 OS2" gives you the option to covert to FAT 32 which is definatly  
recommended. I believe that with a win95 startup disk you can run FDISK and it will  
give you the option to make it FAT32.  
Although I use win95 OS2, whenever I reformat the hard drive, and reinstall windows  
for some reason, I always use a win98 startup disk as it is a lot easier to use with  
automatic CD,Rom support and I think that formating with the win98 startup disk  
automaticly makes it FAT32. I then simply proceed with Win95 These are just some of  
the experiences that I've had but I hope I,m clear and I didn't sound too confusing. Let  
me know how it works out.  
All the best to you.  
John Fisher  

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