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The cheetah's are gone!

12/18/1999 10:16 PM
Randlall Aiken
The cheetah's are gone!
There is a new paper on the advanced page of the tech info section at entitled "The long-tail pair". Those of you who have patiently awaited the demise of the two running cheetah's will be happy to note that there is an actual article there now (I kinda liked the cheetah's...).  
It is a revised version of my reply to the phase inverter question posted on this board. It contains a correction on phase inverter input impedance and a lot more information on the circuit components and their effects on tone.  
Randall Aiken  
12/18/1999 11:33 PM
Randall Aiken

I just added another section on the presence control, so you may want to check the article again if you've already looked at it.  
Randall Aiken
12/19/1999 7:51 AM

Another great article!
12/20/1999 4:32 AM

Thanks for some great holiday reading!  
Merry Christmas !  

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