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Bass amp question for all you players out there

12/15/1999 4:33 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Bass amp question for all you players out there
Hi all,  
I was wondering what the opinions of on SWR and Eden bass stuff are. If you read Bass Player, you'd think those two companies hung the stars, but I don't really care that much for them. I have found Eden stuff to be very nice, but different production runs of the same models have noticeable differences in volume and tone. SWR stuff has always seemed way overrated to me. The amps have nowhere near the power they claim to. I have yet to hear anything other than a Redhead combo that I felt lived up to its rating. (I like both companies' cabs, too. I'm just talking about amps.) While were're at it, how's about opinions on all modern bass amps, tube, ss, or that dirty word: hybrid.( just a joke)  
BTW, my observeations on the Roland and the POD came from Rik's music in Knoxville, TN. I love that place. My G&L came from there. I have seen it mentioned here before, so if anyone here works there, ol' Psycho is the guy who bought that Blueburst L2500 with the rosewood fretboard and comes in from time to time.  
Psycho (the real one) >^}
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12/15/1999 4:42 PM

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12/15/1999 5:02 PM
Psycho Bass Guy

Lord, I'd never even consider anything otherwise. It's just the comments on the POD thing got me to thinking. What passes for good tone nowadays? I have my opinion and it will not be changed. I was just wondering what the real world players here have to say about modern amps. I usually just place them all under the 'junk' category myself, but wonder what anyone else thinks. I know there are some good (gasp)solid state bass amps out there, it's just the ones I have tried do not impress me in the least. Everyone seems to go on endlessly about SWR, so I was just trying to find out why they're so special.  
I'll be lugging iron around until I die, so don't worry about that. NOTHING can top my SVT.  
Psycho (the real one) >^}
12/15/1999 7:23 PM
Don Symes

I think it's just that nifty logo =:-}
12/15/1999 5:16 PM
I've never liked SWR stuff but I don't think I could - being a HUGE Ampeg FREAK. They don't distort nicely at all. Edens sound somewhat better to me but are so Hi-Fi and transparent/thin. They would be great for light-type music but not for rock. To me a good analogy for me is V4 to Eden = Plexi to Roland Jazz Chorus.
12/15/1999 5:01 PM
Someone I know had eden/swr etc. now uses an alembic preamp with a SS QSC? amp, the amp weights about 18Lb and is high power high power I guess it uses a Switching power supply and/or Class D amp. the preamp and amp are in a road case he uses different cabs for different rooms etc. my bass setup at home is a ampeg B25B with a 18' speaker in a 13"x25"x36" closed cab.
12/15/1999 5:03 PM
Psycho Bass Guy

What didn't he like about SWR/Eden?  
Psycho >^}

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