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Chet Atkins Gretsch amp

12/11/1999 6:04 AM
Left Lane(Moode Swing)
Chet Atkins Gretsch amp
About 11 years ago I bought a Gretch amp and a Mann Les Paul copy for $200.00.After the years of fiddling around with it I just recently put 4 new Sovtek 6L6`s in it (it`s self biasing by the way)and have 2 25 watt Green backs in my Gretsch cab thats built for a 12 and 15 inch speaker.What can I say, I have a J.K. Lado Maple neck-through guitar with a Dimarzio(neck)and a Jeff Beck Seymore Duncan(bridge)and the depth and sweetness of tone is unreal.It came with Jensen speakers but as with all the speakers I have ever played through blew up.Any feed back or info on the Gretsch would be appreciated.Bye for now.

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