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Father forgive me for I have sinned(long post)

12/6/1999 2:01 AM
Bob C.
Father forgive me for I have sinned(long post)
Well I did the unthinkable, I bought a digital modeling amp, but before you flame me let me explain. I'm sick of messing with my Classic 30, I've done Steve A's mods, changed speakers, tried many tubes, the amp is just weak. I've been looking for a Super Reverb, or something similar, in rough shape as a platform to mod. The prices are out of my range even for junk, I saw in another post about a $100 to $150 Bassman head, not that I've seen around here. Even then you have an amp that does one or two things great but that's it. Then I saw this amp, a Yamaha DG80-112 for sale on Rock Auction for $375 and thought this may be it. I got it for $390 and it sounds great, sparkling clean, crunch rhythm, overdrive lead tones, cleans up when you roll off the volume, gets crunchy when you push the clean tones. Side by side it smokes my Peavey and gets real close to my friends SFDR. Now the down side, it doesn't have the dynamics of a tube amp and it wouldn't match up to some of the great amps I've heard, but close enough for me right now. I'm still looking for my dream amp, but this ain't bad.  
I hope I'm not banned from AMPAGE for owning such an amp.  
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12/6/1999 2:30 AM
T. B.

Hi Bob,  
IMO, there would be nothing to forgive. It's not the end of the world to own something SS. Hey, to get down and dial in something quick without bringing down the wall, sometimes solid is the way to go. I've usually had to use a compressor between the guitar and SS amp to get any "real" type feel especially when using the amps distortion circuit. Anyway, have a ball!!! T.B.  
12/6/1999 3:17 AM

Hell, I used to use two Kustom amps for my live rig (a 50W 1x15 and a 75W 2x12 w/ Vintage 30's) and it sounded GREAT!. Beats the hell out of anything SS Fender or Marshall ever made. And I've got one of those little Vox Pathfinder reissue jobs (put a 10" Mojotone in there and you've got an amp that's ALMOST loud enough to gig.)  
12/7/1999 4:34 AM
i used to play thru a 100% SS Amp, a Standel-  
it had two 15 inch JBL D130's amd a bottom  
end second to none- btw, a couple of guitar  
slingers I have always admired, BB King and  
the late John Cippolina of Quicksilver Message  
Service used those SS Standels - anyhow some SS stuff sounds great IMO. !
12/11/1999 7:05 PM
Left Lane(Moode Swing)

I`ve got a 150 watt Music Man solid state-tube amp I paid 100 bucks for put 4 new 6L6`s and through my 4x12 she punches pretty good.Although it dose`nt compare to Kenny D.`s Hi-Watt(that`ll rip your head off when cranked)it gives me a pretty versatile setup.And besides whatever gets the job done till you find that dream amp.
12/6/1999 3:11 AM

I doubt if anyone is going to throw you under a bus Bob.  
If your're having fun with it and understand it's limitaions, then most of us would think that's great!  
12/6/1999 3:15 AM
(just kidding, like Bruce said, as long as you understand its limitations...)

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