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Epiphone (Gibson) PI/driver tranny source?

12/3/1999 4:59 PM
Epiphone (Gibson) PI/driver tranny source?
Have a 1966 Epiphone EA-26 amp, similar to a Gibson GA35RVT with 6BQ5s, that I bought about six years ago for $5.00. The speaker was missing and the phase inverter tranny was open. Cobbled in a split load PI just to get it working but now I've decided to either restore, if I can find a PI tranny, or change the PT and OT and PI and find a home for my Tung-Sol 5881s. Anyone know where I can find a suitable PI/driver tranny?  
12/3/1999 5:40 PM
Scott Swartz

Antique Electronic Supply has a 1:3 interstage trans, primary current 10 ma max, part number P-T156 that should work electrically, don't know about dimensionally (size).
12/3/1999 6:02 PM

I have an old one that came out of a GA-20RVT (also p-p EL84) carcass you could have cheap. :-) If you're interested, shoot me an email.

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