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Trainwreck & Alessandro Transformers

10/22/1999 10:06 AM
Trainwreck & Alessandro Transformers
What do these guys use? Anyone know?  
Just curious just how many little secrets can be tucked away. I remember reading here that Dumble used some Ruby transformers in his amps, but how about the other big $$$ amp guys?  
10/22/1999 11:38 AM

I believe 'Wrecks use Pacific trannies. I just happen  
to know that the manufacturer code for Pacific is 1052.  
I was looking at an Allen amp last week and the codes on the  
trannies were 1052, so I assume Allen uses Pacific trannies, too.  
I know Dr. Z uses Schumacher  
I asked Callaham about his trannies......he was "tight-lipped" and said they were wound by hand. There are no codes on his trannies.  
10/23/1999 3:21 AM
Mark Abbott
question for Mook.
Dear Mook  
What is the deal with Callaham?  
I find a lot of the claims of various small manufacturer easy to write off, so what is Callaham and Allen stuff like?  
10/25/1999 12:30 PM
Well....the Story goes like this...
I did a bunch of research on 'Wrecks, Callaham, and  
Allesandro. To my knowledge, Callaham and Allesandro  
are about as close to a 'Wreck as any person (mere mortal?) is going to get. Even if I could afford a 'Wreck (well over $10K), I never see any for sale.....  
Well in my research (web/newgroup readings and personal contacts/interviews), I learned that Callaham got ahold of  
a Trainwreck Express. He reverse engineered and "Blue Printed" the Express. Aside from a few (minor) differences (which I won't reveal because I don't want to get in "trouble"), the Callaham is a "dead-ringer" for the Trainwrecked Expresso schematic on Steve Ahola's site.  
Does it sound like a 'Wreck? I don't know, but it does give  
me a sound I was looking for - about 80% Marshall and 20% Vox. It crunches up more than a Plexi (if you want it to), but can nail the plexi sound, cold. But since it's only about 25 watts, it's not as loud as my Plexi. I have the EL84R which is (as you guessed it) 4xEL84. He also has a 2xEL34 (which is really like the Express). The two amps use the exact same pre-amp.  
Does it do everything? No, but it's still a very nice amp.  
The best part of the story is about the time I was ordering  
the Callaham, I was putting the finishing touches on my own  
Trainwrecked Expresso. I however, used only two EL84s and  
copied the Fender Deluxe Reverb B+ rail.  
My Expresso and the Callaham sound NOTHING alike. Both are  
good amps, but both are different. My Expresso sounds more  
like a Dr. Z Prescription (compressed and Voxey).  
Perhaps someday, I get around to ordering an Allesandro. If Ken Fischer went back into business, I'd order one of those in a Hearbeat.  
As for Allen, he designs/builds amps that are Blackface based, with only a few differences such as a Master Volume and a "raw" switch. What can I say, his amps sound very Blackfaced. It's also a very nice amp.  
10/26/1999 2:18 PM
Hey, Holger. Here's something for Ken....
This thread has some good content....  
10/29/1999 10:16 AM
Mark Abbott
Mook: power supply considerations?
Dear Mook  
I'm glad your happy with both amps, but I was wondering why did you go with the Blackface style power supply, I remember from some Guitar Player story that the Hound dog amp didn't have large filter cap values. How much of a difference this makes I don't know, but I'm sure the choke, and the mains transformers ability to regulate would influence this.  
Also while I'm at it what are the output transformers like?  
Do they easily saturate? I get the feeling from the Dumble stuff I've read and the fact they originated from blackface Bassman amps that large output transformers and a Twin style power transformer is recommended.  
What is the Trainwreck trip?  
Thanks for your time Mook.  
10/30/1999 4:03 AM
Mark Abbott
Preamp tubes?
Dear Mook  
I was just looking at the circuit and I was wondering, if you decided to use the extra triode for anything?  
I was thinking you could do several things with this stage (1) tremolo.  
(2) put a cathode follower stage after the first triode.  
(3) Put the extra triode in parallel with the first triode, and halve the resistor values.  
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