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Jeeze Louize!! Amp collection.

10/15/1999 6:47 AM
Jeeze Louize!! Amp collection.
Have you guys seen this?  
Talk about GAS!  
Thanks to Bob Swanson (DynaQ Amps) for pointing me here.  
I'm going to run some cold water over the back of my neck now......  
10/15/1999 9:48 AM
That Carl guy makes my blood boil...... Its twits like him that make it so difficult to find a great old amp.. Well hah, last week I finally got a '70 1987 50 watt lead of my very own at a reasonable price...  
10/15/1999 9:48 AM
UH Think one of the amps was making a funny noise!!!!!  
Now which one was it?????
10/15/1999 10:32 AM

I counted 71 Vox AC30's . Huh ,  
10/15/1999 10:46 AM
John Stokes
Holy shit, that's a lot of British hardware!!! That collection actually looks bigger than the one Pittman had. Wow. Gimmie a pint of best bitter!!!  
10/15/1999 11:20 AM

Hey Bruce,  
Yeah, impressive stuff. But, doesn't the term "obsessive-compulsive" come to mind?(not to mention "conspicuous consumption") :0  
10/15/1999 2:18 PM
Wow - this guy sure has a lot of money! Check that house out (behind the pile of amps). Question - do you think he plays guitar very well? I think I know the answer...

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