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Have a Quiana manual?

10/9/1999 12:47 AM
Have a Quiana manual?
I just purchased a new 2x12 Rivera Quiana which was shipped without an owners manual. Anyone have one to share? Also, I have found no published reviews or user comments. Help?
10/9/1999 6:17 PM
Dave M.

Have you phoned Rivera? Paul & Co. try to be very helpful, and *might* be able to send you one.  
The reason I say "might" is because, even after asking Paul himself, for a "proper" set of documents for my Rake, I got a schematic for the R30 (WTF!?). I have no idea why they did this. AFAIK, they have never developed a real manual for my amp either.  
Good Luck,  
-Dave M.
10/10/1999 4:53 AM
Rivera has not yet fully completed the Quiana manual. This has been going on for months. They have been saying that covers will be available "next week" for the last several months, in fact since I bought mine...  
As to reviews, you don't need any, you have the amp :)  
It rules. Period.  
If you want a bit more gain you can patch from the effects send to the effects return and use the send/return levels to control gain and volume.  
Try this: Single coil Stratezoid in position 1 or 3 (neck or middle), channel 2, gain at 3-5, tone to around 4-5.5 on each, a splash of reverb, focus at 10, presence around 5-6, volume around 4, no boost, no mid cut. Needless to say, my Twin Reverb doesn't get played much anymore - it is all there in the Rivera.  
Channel 1 has some killer hot blues tones in it too.  
10/10/1999 6:14 PM

Thanks Barry. Paul Rivera has already e-mailed me back. He answered several of my questions and provided a manual with his apologies for the delay. The copy he provided is crude but complete.(has key stroke commands before and after each sentence) He says that the hard copies will be out soon. He also said that the upcoming January Guitar Player will have a Quiana review. (they gave it Editor's Pick Award) I can't imagine the impact on production that would have. I am glad that I already have mine! Thanks also for the control settings....very nice!  
Dan (P.S. Let me know if you want me to forward the manual)

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