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Re: tubes

10/1/1999 12:47 AM
Re: tubes
If you are interested in the tubes e-mail me with the quantity and type. We have to pay 50% down to get the tubes. If the order gets too big I might not be able to cover it so I might need payment up front. I'm also not making anything off this. I just want to buy my tubes too.  
10/4/1999 3:29 AM
the guy who runs the "eurotubes" website is on the peavey guitar forums all the time and from what he says, the JJ tubes are one of the main sources for Groove Tubes. Since Groove Tubes does not actually manufacture their own tubes, just match and relable. I have heard from quite a few people that the JJ's are a real solid value and provide excellent tone.
9/29/1999 9:59 PM

Any idea who manufactured these tubes? They may be a deal and they may not.  
9/30/1999 3:25 AM

It really helps when one reads the first post, duh.

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