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Re: tubes

9/30/1999 12:50 AM
Mark Knapp
Re: tubes
Will they give you samples to test? If you are serious about the quantities, they should be willing to give samples.  
I suppose that the buyer does the matching on power tubes?  
Do they guarantee the tubes, or at least a percent defective?  
If you can't tell, I used to be a component procurement engineer, and am now a designer. These are all important questions.  
Mark Knapp  
9/30/1999 2:04 AM

Michael I use the JJ EL84s exclusively and they sound great in my stuff, but, I can get them from my supplier for around $5.50 each in MUCH MUCH smaller quantities, so the price quoted to you isn't really that good yet at those quantities.  
I'd hammer them for a better price first.  
The JJ EL34s sound very good to by the way.  
9/30/1999 3:55 AM

Bruce, He is saying that I can get any quantity at that price. He also said the price on the tubes includes matched quads. He also says he guarantees them. I thought I would see what interest we have here on the page and then talk for a better price from him. How far off the mark is he? Thanks.  
9/30/1999 7:56 AM

I wonder how the matching is done. In house or in CZ.  
That price for matched quads is looking much better and now I think you're getting a pretty good deal.  
How many are you thinking you might buy?  
Or is this based on a co-op purchase?  
The best offer I've seen so far for any EL84 is from New Sensor's dealer newletter. The SOVTEK EL84 was about $2.70 each in lots of 200 and they were not matched. They wanted an extra 65 cents each to do that.  
I can't remember if I've ever seen the JJs for much less then $5.00 each at wholesale.  
9/30/1999 7:57 AM

Man if I could only type!  
You get the jist of that I hope! :>)  
9/30/1999 8:39 PM

It will be based on a co-op thing. This seemed like a good deal to me but I didn't know anything about the tubes. I will ask about the matching as far as who will be doing it and what tolerances is acceptable. I was looking for some Svetlanas and the guy threw this at me so I thought I'd see of any of the guru's would be interested in a joint venture. How good are their preamp tubes anyway?  
10/1/1999 12:30 AM
Psycho Bass Guy
I put some JJ 12ax7's from Ned in a Mashall JCM 800 and it was amazing how well they worked for it.(Course they replaced some Mesa Crappies!) The tubes seem to be very well made but with very small plate structure. I mean that the plates in the 12ax7's are about half the size of those in every other preamp tube I've seen. Tonal characteristics are very warm with a distinct top end and a very smooth breakup. I got similar results in my Traynor bass amp, but the Telefunkens I have went back in it. (I mean seriously, the JJ's are good but, Tele's are the best.) They can bit a bit harsh at times but in a good crunchy way-ala Malcolm Young's guitar tone. Hope this helps. BTW are you taking on other buyers as well? I'm dying to try the JJ KT88's.  

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