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Dipped Mica vs. Silver Mica...

9/21/1999 2:06 PM
Matt (MD)
Dipped Mica vs. Silver Mica...
Are there any differences, or are they one and the same? I have been using the dipped micas from mouser for all of my smaller caps, and the Marshall channel I built does seem a little harsh, but I like it that way - a nasty sort of raunchy, yet tight and articulate rhythm tone. I prefer the Mark IV channel I recently built for lead, though to my ears it sounds more of a cross between a Boogie and a Marshall (more Boogie) than a complete Boogie to me. However, it does sound good as is, just some hum that needs to be taken care of and it'll be finished... then on to switching... maybe one day this thing will be finished.....  

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