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Re: Chassis

9/21/1999 4:47 AM
Re: Chassis
Gil, do you have a number or e-mail for angela instruments?  
I might be interested in a chassis that you have. BTW how do the thinner chassis hold up vs. the 1/8" chassis? I have been thinking of getting a couple punches, for special mods anyway, but I hear it is easier to get them prepunched and they look cleaner, but I am still learning these things, any help would be appreciated. If you would like to e-mail me or I can e-mail you on a price for a chassis.  
Thanks Ed
9/21/1999 5:01 AM
Dave M.

" Gil, do you have a number or e-mail for angela instruments?"
I'm not Gil, but here's the URL:  
9/21/1999 5:07 AM

Thank you so much Dave, pleasure meeting you!
9/21/1999 5:25 AM
Gil Ayan

"Gil, do you have a number or e-mail for angela instruments?  
Email: Steve@Angela.COM  
Postal mail: Angela Instruments  
10830 Guilford Road, Suite 309  
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701  
Phone: (301) 725-0451  
24 Hour Fax Ordering Line: (301) 725-8823  
For whatever it is worth, I got the "angela" sockets (ceramic) both for the preamps and the power amps. They have an on-line catalog with pictures and all.  
9/21/1999 6:57 AM

For a 5 to 50 watt amp, a .080" chassis is over kill to OK if the corners are welded. Mine are.  
For a 100 watt amp I'd go at least .100" and welded corners.  
I'm building a custom stereo bass amp with 8 KT88s right now for a guy and I used .100" aluminum and I wish I would have used .125".  
Two big butt OTS with a 750v@500ma power transformer and it's heavy.  
For a tweed style chassis I'd go 16g-18g steel regardless.  
Steel is real drag for homebrewing because it is so tough to drill for modding while aluminum is sofer and easier to machine.  
I also like aluminum because I bought into the noise issue of steel passing all the magnetics around and aluminum doesn't, so, I think it might be a quieter chassis from the get go.  
I can email you later with more specs but you have to think about what size you need too.  
9/21/1999 7:47 AM

Thanks again Gil:  
I will be going with a 100 watter I believe, I am decideing which components to use in this amp too, so I will get with you on this when I get a chance.  
Thanks Ed
9/21/1999 1:08 PM

Have you tried woodworking spade bits with the outer cutting points.I have used these for 1.125 holes and they come out great in aluminum.By the way great site and thanks for all the help you don't know you provide.JR

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