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Celestion Silver Series vs. V30 or Greenbacks??

9/12/1999 5:51 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Celestion Silver Series vs. V30 or Greenbacks??
To all,  
Has Anyone out there tried the Celestion Silver series?? The price seems a lot lower than the V30 or GB. I am familiar with the V30 but have never owned a Greenback.  
Can anyone share their thoughts on these speakers and how they sound in comparison to one another?  
9/12/1999 6:56 PM
Steve A.

    I'm no expert on speakers but I picked up a Celestion Silver Series 12" (80 watt? I forget) for about $65 and liked it. Also picked up one of the Mesa/Celestion 90's for about $100 and liked that one even better. I've tried the V30's in cabs at stores but never took one home with me. One thing I've heard about the V30's is that you really need to push them to get a great sound from them, while the Mesa/Celestion 90's and Silver Series seem to sound pretty good at lower volumes, too.  
Steve Ahola
9/13/1999 1:03 AM

celestion has a website with sound files of each speaker.  
9/13/1999 1:49 AM
Benjamin Fargen

Thanks! way cool!  
9/13/1999 1:49 AM

check this out:
9/13/1999 1:51 AM

click on "guitar"...sound-bites of those speakers...
9/13/1999 2:59 AM
Tim C.

The frequency response on the Celestion Vintage 30 is  
80-5k. The response of the G12M25 greenback is 75-5k and the V1260 Silver Series is 70-5k. I have more people request the Celestion G12M70 as a replacement speaker than any other. I have two customers that swear by them in their Fender Blues Deluxes. It has a response of 80-5k and sounds excellent for the money. Your choice should depend on the amp that you are placing the speakers in. As an example, I tried Celestion Vintage 10's in my Vibroking and they sounded horrid. I like Celestion speakers and have all of them except the silver series and the Blue Bulldogs and 8" series. I have listened to the Celestion website and do not feel that the sound bites are totally realistic as to how the speakers sound. Many times I let people try out the different speakers so that they can decide for themselves what model is best for them. Maybe you have a dealer in your area that will accomodate you in that manner. Let us know your decision.  
Have fun deciding,  
Tim C.
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