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Re: Baby Bassman?

7/16/1999 9:24 PM
Tim P
Re: Baby Bassman?
I built a "baby bassman" a few years ago. I followed the 5F6-A schematic pretty closely and substituted Mojo BF Deluxe transformers so it pushes a single 8 ohm speaker..  
It sounds pretty good at home levels but I have a hard time using it live due to the lack of headroom at stage volumes.  
Mine sounded best driving a 12" Celestion Vintage 30.  
I have been using it for 2 years and I am still tweaking it. Looking back I think I would have been happier with the 5E3 tweed deluxe circuit as far as 6V6 powered amp projects. I think the preamp in the tweed deluxe may sound better feeding 6V6's than the bassman preamp sounds feeding 6V6's. To my ears anyway.  
Good Luck,  
Tim P.
7/16/1999 11:11 PM
Don Symes

This sounds an awful lot like the AX84/November baby plexi.
7/17/1999 7:14 AM
Jamie Tyson

....or the Plexi Jr. I built last september. When I get a chance I'll make some wav's or mp3's of the Kravitz tune me and my friend recorded with it- it sounds just like the orig. ("are you gonna go my way?") We just put the amp in the bathroom and miked it up, turned both inputs up to 7 or 8. (bridged) I ran george l's under the door and out to a Les Paul for accurate vintage grind.  
I'm still doctoring it and improving the tone. Next it's getting the master volume that I took out months ago (thinking it was causing problems- nope) and a new tolex job. I'm sure that the vintage greenbacks in my 2x12 were no small contributor to the sound!  
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