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Re: Opinions on a 5F2A-5E3 combo

7/15/1999 5:16 AM
Joe Zuzze Re: Opinions on a 5F2A-5E3 combo
Here's showing how little I know; the owner of a well -respected vintage guitar/amp store here in NYC referred to the tweed deluxe as being class A. True or false???
7/15/1999 1:12 PM

The tweed princenton is a single ended amp, no push pull operation. There's just one tube to amplify all 360 degrees of the input signal(also known as class A). The tweed deluxe uses 2 6V6 output tubes in a push pull configuration, Each tube conducts for more than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees of the input signal(class AB).  
At low volumes it probably is operating in class A but when it gets cranked(probably where most tweed players keep their volume knob) it's class AB.  
7/16/1999 5:09 PM
Just for balance..  
.. The SE Princeton also conducts for less than 360 deg when you crank it.. (kind of the definition of "cranked"..)
7/16/1999 4:46 PM
matthew m

Sounds like a great idea, I've been itching to build another amp and was torn between a 5E3 and Angelas Super single-ended. But I didn't think of using an EL34 SE. What did you use for an OPT?
7/16/1999 11:58 PM

I used a Hammond 125E. Pretty cool little transformer. Not real expensive(around 30 bucks) and very versitle. It has multiple taps on the primary and secondary so you can selct a plate load to suit your needs.  
7/22/1999 1:46 PM
Jason, is this the ANGELA super-single ended amp?...if so (I've also recently installed 125E OT)...COULD i TAKE OUT BOTH 6v6'S AND PLUG 1 el-34 IN?...(ofcourse I would have to change secondary tap) which numbers did you connect for EL-34 use?...I'm connected to 1 & 6 now...Thanx Frank
7/22/1999 4:26 PM

Yes, if the power supply has the extra current needed to run two 6V6s (filament or plate) you can probably run a single EL34 with no trouble.  
Although an SE EL34 sounds a little different, it really won't be anymore powerfull.  
Make sure that pin one on the socket is grounded and not connected to the cathode bias resistor.  
They sound pretty good with the plate load set for around 5K to 6K.  
Are you running the 125E at around 3K to 4K now?  
I think Jason has my 125E tap picks.  

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