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HELP with MV Twin Reverb

7/6/1999 6:47 AM
HELP with MV Twin Reverb
I found a project Twin Reverb for very cheap. However, I am baffled as to its actual vintage.  
First off it is missing the velcro attached grille. It is also missing the speakers. So, I cna't get more dating information from that. The Accutronics 2 spring long pan reverb is toast. I am sorry but I misplaced the serial number and could not find the circuit number which is sometimes (always?) stamped on the chassis. I am sure it is there, I just didn't see it. Also, the tube chart is there but the date is long gone if it ever was there. This is the third old Fender amp I own without the tube chart filled out.  
I has the following features:  
silver face  
master volume  
tremolo and reverb  
bright switches on each channel  
master volume  
"A-off-B" switch on the back (looks factory)  
135 Watts beneath the internal and external speaker jacks  
All in all this should be one of the less desirable Twins. However, the OT date code translates to June 1969. Furthermore there is NO push/pull boost and the pot appears to be an original factory installed component.  
Perhaps my information is incorrect, but the above combination of features simply shouldn't exist based on what I have read and/or been told. It really looks like a 1970 model otherwise, yet the 135 Watt business would indicate otherwise. I was told though that they had the push/pull boost. I am confused.  
I played it through a Marshall V30 equipped 4 x 12" cab and it sounded just like a Twin Reverb should sound - loud (make that VERY loud) and clean.  
The tubes are brand new matched GTs. Some of the preamp tubes were cheap Chinese (not Rubys), the rest were Sovteks. All were brand new.  
Thanks in advance.  
7/6/1999 7:56 AM

What year does the PT sbow as a manufacture date? I think the 135W models were made from '77-'82. The master volume was added in 1972 I believe. The serial number should be on the upper right hand corner of the chassis on the back side.  
Is there a line out jack or hum balance pot on the back? Sounds like a strange amp....maybe a frankenamp?  
7/6/1999 1:55 PM
Yes. Line outs. Balance pot. Forgot about those.  
I did not write down the PT date code.  
7/6/1999 5:09 PM
I think you may have misread your PT date code. Code it be 1979? EIA codes are typically DDY format, so you'd have 369 for ex.. being the 36th day of 19x9. This amp is definitely a late 70's model.
7/6/1999 6:23 PM
I likely did misread the code. I will review all the date codes I was given personally and go from there. It must be a later 70s model based on the features.  
7/6/1999 7:30 PM
Don Symes

This sounds a lot like one of the 100 or 135W chassis sodl as the Dual Showman, Twin, Super and Super Six depending on speaker complement.  
The Fender Field Guide has both schematics if they'd be helpful.
7/7/1999 2:37 AM
Yeah, it is the 135W version. It had at one time 2 12" speakers based on the baffle board cutouts.  
I haven't verified the numbers yet. Now that I think back on it I should have done that before posting. Silly me.  
Thanks to all that responded.  
For the money, it is hard to pass up on this thing regardless of how little some people like it. It sounded decent to me. It works well as is plugged into a cab and could be brought back to more or less original condition with not too big of an investment (speakers and a reverb unit).  
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