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off topic stuff

7/7/1999 6:35 PM
off topic stuff
The idea of our government on the import and credit taxes is to have low taxes on foreign speculative capital and compensate for that by overtaxing middle class people. They say this is done to "attract investments".  
The original idea behind the tax when money leaves the bank account was to get money for public hospitals etc. but in fact it's being used to save broken banks - they say that if they let the banks break "the country will be seen as too risky and won't attract foreign investors".  
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7/7/1999 10:24 AM
Nem Re: Sub. for BC109, BC549
Can you give some BCs for these :)  
2sk118, 2sk184, 2sa1335, 2sc2459, 2sc3378  
They're mostly used in Boss pedals for buffering or switching.  
7/7/1999 9:31 PM
Andreas Terbrack

I've only found other japanese replacements in my supplement guides, but must of them are not to difficult to find in at least most europaen "BC-countries" (the FETs are likely BF's)  
If not, I would initialy chose BC549 for the NPNs and BF245  
for the NFETs (without a closer look at the specs)  
7/9/1999 1:35 PM

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