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Too Much bass!

6/20/1999 6:10 PM
Tony R.
Too Much bass!
I have a BF Deluxe Reverb That I just finished restoring.  
New cap job, new matched pwr tubes, converted from SS rectifier back to a 5Y3 tube, New Celestion GH100 12" speaker, All other tubes tested good, Set bias, etc.....  
It seems too muddy/bassy... especially on the neck pickups.  
I've tried it with Lep Pauls, strats, tele's and its still sounds too muddy or bassy. I also tried a marshall 2/12 cabinet, Fender Twin cab with 2/12's Fender blue lable speaks with little change...  
Any recomendations on how to get the sound from breaking up  
so soon, or sounding so bassy?????  
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6/20/1999 10:35 PM
Benjamin Fargen

The first problem is that you shouldn't be using a 5Y3-GT rectifier tube in a BFDR. 2 x 6L6-GC's are pulling way too much current than that poor 5Y3-GT can handle. I am surprised that it hasn't shorted out on you! You need to reinstall the SS rectifier or replace with the correct stock tube, A GZ34 (5AR4).(don't forget to rebias!) The only deluxe amps that use a 5Y3 are the tweed series.  
6/20/1999 11:51 PM
Tony R.
I'm not using 6L6's in the BFDR, After I got the voltage  
down from 462v to a workable voltage, by removing the SS rectifier and installing a zener diode on the center tap of the B+. Plate Voltage dropped to(405V). I installed new 6V6's. I used the 5Y3, because its smaller voltage, Changed the bias resistor to bring the bias into the range I needed  
The amp works great now...  
6/21/1999 5:40 AM
A O.K.! Glad to hear it's working!You scared me for a minuet........I thought you were just talking about a stock BFDR.  
6/20/1999 11:49 PM

you could try replacing the PI coupling caps with .05 or .01mfd to cut the bass. I've done this to princetons and have been able to put the beano away.  
Simple and quick.  

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