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Electro Harmonix SmallStone

6/15/1999 1:14 PM
Electro Harmonix SmallStone
I have 3 variations of this pedal, 2originals and one of the Sovtek reissues. All seem to have a characteristic of a drop in volume when the pedal is engaged. Can anyone suggest a mod to cure this? Please reply to my email address.  
Many Thanks  
6/16/1999 10:44 AM
This has been brought up numerous times on this BBS. The conclusion was that Sovtek put in very thin wiring in the new Small Stones which leads to a drop in volume, tone, and clicking from the timing device even when by-passed. Once the wiring is changed to a thicker (22 or 24) wiring then most of the problems go away. Good luck,  
6/16/1999 12:03 PM
Matt Farrow

Actually, the old 'Stones have the same problem. The bleed-through of oscillator noise is caused by the board layout and also by the SPDT bypass switch. If you want no problems in bypass mode, re-do the switching to RG's Millennium Bypass (if you still want the LED.) That takes care of volume drop in bypass (no more tone-sucking.) Now for the volume drop with the effect switched in: the problem I had on my older 'Stone (1978) was that the first transistor gain stage wasn't biased correctly. Email me and I'll dig out the shem with my notes.  
6/16/1999 1:13 PM

I disagree with that. For the small signals in a pedal, the thickness of the wire is not an issue. You could use wire as fine as a hair for the signal wires, and there is not enough current flow to cause noticeable signal loss. Also, the wire size has no effect on tone or switch clicking. There's just not enough current flow for wire size to have an effect.
6/16/1999 1:48 PM
I have found that if you add a good p/s decoupling cap on the board(I place it in the middle of the board across one of the IC ps pins) it reduces the ticking problem.  
6/16/1999 2:06 PM
CJ Landry
I agree with RG. I have never heard a noticable difference in sound by increasing or decreasing wire size on any wires in low voltage pedals and I have replaced many.  
Alex e-mailed me this same question and I told him that on the original Small Stone's I am not aware of any volume drop with the effect on. I have owned one in my lifetime and I did not notice any volume drop. What I mentioned to Alex was that Phase shifters vary the amplitude of the wave form to a user adjustable RATE setting and maybe he just hears more of the low portion of the sweep.  
Although, he may have a legitimate problem with his pedals also like dirty input/output connectors, leaky caps, or drifting resistors?  
Anyone else heard of an inherant drop in volume with Small Stones?  
CJ Landry  
6/16/1999 3:44 PM

I have one of the old small stones(issue J I think;has the 8pin chips in it) and I don't recall ever having a problem with a volume drop at all.  
A fellow bandmate slao has an old one(issue ?; has the 16pin chips)and his dosen't drop the volume either.  
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