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svetlana tubes rattling

6/12/1999 2:54 PM
svetlana tubes rattling
I put svetlana 6L6GC's in my bandmaster converted blues deluxe and svet EL34's in a 50 watt marshall clone head.  
In both amps, the tubes buzz noticably at low volume settings in sympathy with certain notes. Tone sounds fine. Playing louder, you can't hear it. Separating the head from the cabinet and/or disconnecting the combo speaker and using an extension cabinet solves the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't know whether this may be a tube defect or just a design/leadress flaw in my amps. Will tube holders on the output tubes fix this?  
6/13/1999 0:26 AM

I have used qiute a few of the Svets, but never had this problem.I have had it with the Sovteks.And more on amps that have circut board mount sockets.I have always used a piece of foam under my amp head feet for years. It helps keep vibrations of any kind.Sometimes a dirty socket or one that needs retentioning will cause it.It could be the tube. It also sounds like a bad speaker,but you said it quits when you move the head. You might try some tapping with a nonconductive Piece of wood,etc.Check for a loose connection on sockets,check grounds and input jacks to make sure they are tight.These will also cause vibration problems. Good luck looking ....[Richie]

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