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okay, lets get on with electronics anyway

6/12/1999 5:01 AM
Mike Burgundy
okay, lets get on with electronics anyway
I´m sure Tboy is typing down to his knuckles to get it all working (and beleive me, the small things can be a PAIN), and I´m confident the BBS will be up ASAP, so lets just quit hasseling the man. For now, to keep y´all from developing nasty symptoms like sweating, double vision and dillusions and such from Ampage-BBS-deprivation, two questions;  
- A friend of mine askd about the possibility of building a FuzzFace WITH built-in octave. Anyone on this?  
- That same friend has a BigMuff (ramshead!) that sounds (his words) "nasal, and thinnish". Not the way we know our Muffs, right? I gather somethings´s wrong, but since I haven´t seen the pedal yet and we are all obviously suffering from BBS-deprivation; does anyone know/have suggestions as to what might be wrong?  
Cheers! (and hold on! you´re not the only one! - anyone for starting a supportgroup? ;O) )
6/12/1999 6:15 PM

The octave face has already been done.  
Also, I talk about this weird phenomenon in  
6/14/1999 11:40 AM

The "Octave-face" is REALLY good.

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