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What mod for Soldano HR50

6/11/1999 10:46 PM
John K.
What mod for Soldano HR50
I have a Soldano HR50 I've owned for a few years. I love 50 watt 6L6 tube amps, but this one is hard to take. Although built like a tank with good quality parts and construction all the way around, to my ears it sounds harsh and shrill with a very flat, one dimensional sound. The EQ controls do VERY LITTLE. Is anyone familiar with these amps? Do you hear what I do? Can anything be done? I have had many conflicting suggestions from amp techs. Help.
6/12/1999 7:41 PM
Ken Gilbert
Sounds like you have issues with the nonfunctional tone stack. Maybe you could get by with some creative changes in that department, like perhaps switching to a Baxandall stack, or even go active (you'll need some kind of additional gain stage for that though). In my experience, a MAJOR portion of the tone is to be had in the frequency shaping, or voicing, of the amp.  
You might also switch to a softer overdriving output tube, like an EL34.  
If there are bypass caps at certain areas, to pass additional HF through the amp, snipping these out may tone down that high end a bit.  
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