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Don't Jump!

6/11/1999 4:50 PM
Manic Man
Don't Jump!
Concerned citizen from four stories down: "Don't jump"!  
Manic Man from four stories up: "Ampage has been down and there is talk of it being permanent, I can't go on" !  
Meanwhile: everyone that visits Ampage is doing all they can to keep Ampage going, therefore saving Manic Man from doing something drasitic. Manic Man is waiting and hoping.  
Are we doing something about it?
6/11/1999 4:54 PM
J Epstein

My guess is a glitch transferring over to a new server, I base that on the recent URL change.  
I say we give it a few more days, as hard as that will be. I mean, it went from being totally down to having this backup BBS running : surely that means tboy is on the case somewhere?  

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