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6/11/1999 3:35 PM
hys chip
hey t-boy, I bet you could charge a monthy fee for all the work you do on the bbs, I would pay to read the amppage bbs and I bet many other would as well,amppage is always my first stop on the net, and if this is the end T-boy, I thank you for a few years of free tech training, and all the great minds that posted replys to my never ending dumb qestions,  
thank you thank you thank you ! CHIP
6/11/1999 5:04 PM

I would pay also. I have learned more here in about a year than I have in the previous fifteen working on amps and reading all the schematics I could lay my hands on. Plus, no flames! All a newbie needs for complete discouragement is to have his simple question trashed. It seems to me that amp and effect building and repair is like playing guitar; you can learn a lot from pretty much everyone involved. And Ampage is the best place on the net!

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