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6/11/1999 4:35 AM
Burgundy aha?
Hello! Somethings different...  
Curious to see where this is going!
6/11/1999 5:09 AM

What happened to the old BBS?  
6/11/1999 12:32 PM
I'm wondering the same thing..  
I'm wondering if the old forums will be coming back?  
I'm wondering if Tboy still running the joint or is this a sign of someone new? (new url, new software, etc)  
I'm wondering why the software change also.. Ampage has had the best interface IMHO of any of them.  
I'm just doing a lot of wondering lately..  
6/11/1999 12:34 PM
maybe I should have come in from the top level first.. looks like this is only temporary.. I feel better now. :-)

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