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500k audio taper dual pots...

5/16/2000 10:02 PM
Ed Rafalko
500k audio taper dual pots...
I'm in need of a few 500k dual pots with audio taper for a mast vol mod to a Marshall 1987X 50-watt plexi reissue. I have the linears, and am using one, but I want a more gradual increase. Anyone got any ideas on where I can find some?
5/16/2000 11:09 PM

check out  
for a way to modify your existing pot without having to buy a new one.  
5/17/2000 1:31 AM
Ed Rafalko

Thanks for finding that, I'd have never known where to look.  
I'm still looking for the audio taper pots, but in teh meantime I'll try this.
5/17/2000 1:39 AM
Mouser has them...
5/17/2000 4:22 AM
Ed Rafalko

THank you, Les. Audio Taper is usually designated with an A in the part nubmer, correct?
5/17/2000 3:56 PM

Mouser's part number is:  
they have no minimum order...  
5/17/2000 3:57 PM

I should add that these have the smaller diameter METRIC size mounting threads and wont fit properly in a standard 3/8" hole such as that used in a Fender.

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