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computer 'scope

5/8/2000 5:06 AM
Peter S
computer 'scope
I just read in one of the threads in here about a computer program called audio tester or something like has an 'O' scope, signal generator, etc. Only problem is it's not in English( at least it's a problem for me anyway....being American I only speak English). Does anyone know of a program similar to this that is in English, I've often wondered how great it would be to be able use the computer to perform these functions, and I just blew up my old Tektronix scope so I'm in the market for a new one. I think the computer 'scope would be really cool!
5/8/2000 9:13 AM

Check out the pico 'scope hardware and software. I haven't personally used it in years, but it used to be very good, and not too pricey, so I'll bet it got better and cheaper. A quick web search should find it for you, or failing that:  
always used to stock it.
5/8/2000 3:09 PM
Peter S

Thanx for the tip.  
Peter S
5/8/2000 3:11 PM
Peter S

Thank you very much. Where are you from by the way?........just curious. I live in South Florida.  
Peter S
5/8/2000 3:38 PM

Iīm from Frankfurt, Germany.  
btw, the diy amp(remember?) is working fine now, only little too much gain. But I will remove the cap from 3rd stage and try again.  
hope the prg works fine,  
5/8/2000 10:51 AM

Hello Peter,  
the audiotester has also the option, to select english language. (You will find it in one of the menues.) I donīt know, if the help is also in english.  
5/8/2000 11:05 AM

Peter, me again,  
I checked the prg. It will be full in english, if you select in menue "Einstellungen" the english as default. Also help and how you can build a small testset is written there.  
hope it helped  
itīs shareware, here is the keygen if you loose you reg. number. (Put the generated file in the dir, where you run the audiotester)
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