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Test CD + CD player = Signal Generator

5/31/2000 4:40 PM
Andrew M
Test CD + CD player = Signal Generator
I was thinking for some this might be a cheap alternative to building or buy some circuitry. If you have a CD player and have access to a CD burner. It would not be too difficult to grab a shareware program to make some test tones and burn a CD.  
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5/31/2000 4:57 PM

When I test speakers I use a portable CD player and a test disk from MCM electronics that cost $10. This method has another advantage, low THD. If you are using a distortion analyzer to test an amp, you may not want a source with 1% distortion on its own. The test CD's have pretty low distortion through a CD player.  
The Marchand Electronics web site has a free download of a program that will generate test tones with your PC sound card.

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