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Schematic for signal generator?

5/6/2000 7:44 PM
Steve A.
Schematic for signal generator?
    I'd seen these mentioned here from time to time but could not locate one. I'm looking for something to put out a 1khz sine wave to use with a scope on a guitar amp.  
Steve Ahola
5/6/2000 8:38 PM
Stan Bailey

Hi Steve,  
Check your e-mail. Simple circuit that gets the job done.  
5/6/2000 10:02 PM
Steve A.

    Thanks! "Cheap and Cheerful" it is... or was that "Cheep and Chirpful"?  
    In case anyone else wants the schematic is there an URL that can be posted?  
Steve Ahola
5/7/2000 11:37 PM
Stan Bailey

"In case anyone else wants the schematic is there an URL that can be posted?"
No, I don't have the URL ( it's been in my schematic file forever). I can e-mail it to anyone who is interested. However, the circuits at R.G.'s and Randall's sites are just as good or better.  
5/6/2000 11:37 PM
Randall Aiken

I also have one on my site, Steve, under the "DIY" projects section. It is a simple, battery-operated 1kHz sine wave generator with variable output level. Not precision, by any means, but good enough for signal tracing work and easy to build, with a stable output amplitude independent of battery voltage changes.  
Randall Aiken
5/7/2000 4:17 PM

Likewise, there's a "Quick and Dirty Oscillator" at GEO, single transistor oscillator that runs from a 9V.  
They're everywhere, they're everywhere!!
5/7/2000 4:38 PM
Randall Aiken just occurred to me that, in keeping with my anti-solidstatism stance, I should have a 1kHz *tube* oscillator schematic on my website, to counteract your solid-state oscillator! :)  
Even worse, my oscillator uses two of the little buggers! Ack!  

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