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Audio Classroom

5/4/2000 5:51 PM
Audio Classroom
Hi Folks:  
Just went to the website of Glass Audio to email them a correction I noticed in the latest issue.  
Now they have some PDF files for free download, not any of the articles from homebuilders, but reprints of their amp design series from the last couple years.  
These are by tube experts Norman Crowhurst and Joseph Marshall, I enjoyed reading them in the magazine, supposed to be complete PDF with classic drawings and all.  
Mostly Glass Audio deals with hifi oriented applications, but this type of theoretical/practical info can also make you think about ways to apply it to guitar amps.  
Maybe this will help somebody who wants a little more data in addition to what they can get from RDH4 (is that possible?), or some of the same info in a form that might be more easily understood.  
Look for the link to Audio Classroom.  
5/4/2000 10:47 PM
ken gilbert
nice, mike. ideal for printing out and storing by the throne, where i do my best thinking.  
5/5/2000 10:47 AM
Stephen Conner

You'll get piles!
5/5/2000 1:30 PM
i didn't say i'd read them all at once!  
hell, i had the RDH4 there for a good long time. people would come in and use my bathroom and make fun of my reading material. what can i say? it relaxes me!  
5/6/2000 3:53 PM
Randall Aiken

Norman Crowhurst is my hero! It is a shame he didn't play guitar. :) By all means, read anything you can find by him.  
He had a unique writing style that made difficult technical subjects very easy to understand.  
Randall Aiken
5/7/2000 4:19 PM

"Norman Crowhurst is my hero! It is a shame he didn't play guitar."
This reminds me of the quote from a nobleman of the Spanish Court in the 1500's(?) upon hearing a recital by a recognized master of the lute - "Es lastima que el no juege a la guitarra."  
Literally - it's a pity he doesn't play the guitar.
5/8/2000 5:39 PM
Norman is my hero too!
Me too! He's the best. I'd love to get some of his stuff reprinted. (Like Audio Design!)

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