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IC equivalent

4/30/2000 10:57 AM
IC equivalent
I'm looking for an equivalent for a KIA6213S? (Not sure about the "S", it's barely legible).  
It's a 9-pin SIL audio amp (<1W). The KEC website doesn't list it, and all other 9-pin SIL amps I've found have a different pinout.  
I've already tried Chip Directory and Questlink - any suggestions?  
4/30/2000 3:53 PM

Have you tried these:  
4/30/2000 10:22 PM
Drew a blank, but thanks anyway; that's a useful site.  
5/1/2000 4:31 AM
Steve A.

    ECG lists their 1465 as a replacement, which is a 9 pin SIP:  
"IC AF PO, 500mW, Vcc=6V Typ, Rl=8 ohms"  
--Good luck!  
"Semiconductor Steve" (my nickname when I worked at the Pacific Stereo parts dept back in the 70's)  
P.S. We rarely ordered and used ECG parts but their lists were handy in crossing over "mystery" parts to the parts that we did stock. Find a decent 2S or 2N transistor that meets or beats the specs of the ECG replacement and it would usually work well as a replacement (with the main exception being sensitive FM tuner circuits).
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