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idle little transformer

4/28/2000 8:40 PM
idle little transformer
What's a good use for a little line transformer?  
I have one which is 30k input and 200ohm output.  
It has a three pin plug and a shielded two wire cord.  
Any suggestion will be much appreciated.  
Thanks in advance.
4/29/2000 2:28 PM
Ray Ivers

Check out this print:  
The "1W Moonlight OT" in the 'Midstage Distortion Option" looks like it may be a somewhat similar unit. For once, this circuit design is something I HAVE tried, and I think it sounds GREAT (I think push-pull distortion sounds wonderful, whether used in a preamp with small-signal triodes/pentodes or in an output stage). I've always wanted to build a completely push-pull preamp from input to output, using three of those little guys (the Hammond 125A is also cool for this purpose - I liked a 12AT7 with it, but I haven't tried the 6SN7 or 6SL7) - maybe one of these days...  
Ray Ivers
5/1/2000 10:05 PM
Stephen Conner

If you use the 200 ohm side as the input it would be a good input transformer for a tube mic preamp.

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