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Gibson "SG" (Les Paul's ugly brother)

9/28/2000 1:55 AM
Mike Gibson "SG" (Les Paul's ugly brother)
I think the SG is a very under appreciated guitar. They sound as good as a Les Paul and they are much lighter. Also SG's are easier to play in the high octave. Unfortunately the SG has suffered more changes over the years than any other guitar. I think the 1962 model was the best! The new 62 RI's are very close. Some of the 70's models where horrific, but most 70's guitars of all makes and models where poorly made. A lot a rock stars played SG's in the 60's and 70's but they still have never gotten the respect of a Les Paul or Strat. Frank Zappa, Frank Marino, and Angus Young (I thing Angus is Australian for Frank) are best know for playing SG's, but still they go unappreciated by many players. I love my SG and I was just wondering if there are any other players out there who have played or owned one of these fine guitars.
9/28/2000 4:15 AM

I have to admit that I really like using the neck pickup of a *good* Les Paul for some types of jazzy things, through a non-reverb channel in a BF or similar type amp, but when it actually comes around to the recording of it the only thing I ever really use a Les Paul for is the bridge pickup doing heavy rhythm parts. The SG does it just as well and is a lot more comfortable because of the weight.  
9/28/2000 4:46 AM
John Fisher

I have always thought that the SG is a lot more comfortable to play then the LP and in some cases it didn't feel and sound so stiff to play like some of the LP's I've tried. I really like the SG and have owned a couple of them. I am in the middle of making a LP so it will be interesting to see how it sounds.  
9/28/2000 12:02 PM

My first good guitar was an SG. I got it because the music store had it hanging on a rack beside a Fender Mustang on a Friday, when I went back Saturday the Fender was gone so I bought the SG. I still remember the charge I got looking at the Gibson on the headstock when I got up every morning. And I seemed to play about 200% better on that guitar.  
I have had about 15 Gibsons and ten Fenders; several bad Les Pauls, a lot of bad Strats, but never a bad SG. The best one was a late sixties Melody Maker, I removed the single coil pickup and installed a humbucker. What a sound! I sure do miss it. I now wish I would have kept every one of them. Especially the late sixties Townshend model SG I bought in 1982 for $200 (the going rate in this area in the eighties). I bet the reissue costs more than that!
9/28/2000 6:50 PM
Dave James

...list price for the Townsend reissue is $4K!!!  
9/30/2000 4:58 PM
Actually $4588.00 List price
10/6/2000 1:45 AM

im in, i just bought a brand new sg special, its plain no pu covers no binding just guitar thats all i want, you are correct sir, the thing sounds just like the lp standard. i couldnt believe my ears, the freekin thing rules dude,  
i love my sg
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