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Strat with EMG 60....

9/11/2000 8:35 PM
Strat with EMG 60....
with two passive single coils  
I was thinking of trying to wire the EMG 60 completely separate from the two single coils. I want to use the 250K volume pot with the two single coils. I want to ditch the two tone pots that go with that stock circuit. I want to hook up the EMG 60 with its 25K volume and 25K tone. (So, I'll have two volumes. One for the EMG and one for the singles. Also, one tone for the EMG) Obviously, both circuits would have to use the EMG connector. Also, the single coils would have to be string grounded. The EMG cannot be grounded. (According to EMG installation instructions) I want the 5 way selector to turn the EMG on in the bridge position by itself. I don't want the switch to 'mix' the EMG with the singles. With the remaining positions of the switch, I want a combination of Middle On/Neck Off, Middle off / Neck on, Both on. So, I want alot but I don't think I can wire it without a schematic or instructions.  
Anyone ever done this? Any suggestions?  
Thank You,  
9/12/2000 1:41 AM
I have never done this, but I have a friend who put eMGs in his strat, it sounded good, but the "Stratness" never left it
9/12/2000 4:05 AM

I don't have a lot of experience with EMG pickups, so I could be wrong here, but I don't believe this will really work well. You have to ground the bridge with passive pickups, or you'll get *noise*. If you ground the bridge with EMGs, you'll get noise. There's probably some way to make this work, and somebody here probably knows it (and will post it soon and make me appear the idiot I am), so good luck.  
9/12/2000 1:13 PM
Dave Rich

I don't think a standard 5 way switch is going to do it for you. You have to simultaneously switch pups and volume controls. Try this switch.  
Dave Rich
9/12/2000 4:00 PM

I think I'm gonna put the EMG 60 in my RG 565 with active electronics already installed. I'l' take the 'Tone Zone'pickup out of my RG 565 and install it in the Strat using the standard pots etc.  
The Active and Passive mixing gets difficult because the two circuits would gets mixed at the output jack.
9/19/2000 5:34 AM
Steve A.

The Active and Passive mixing gets difficult because the two circuits would gets mixed at the output jack.  
    If someone did want to do this I bet that they could wire up a stereo switching jack and send the passive signal to one channel and the EMG signal to another... and use a "mega-switch" to select the pickups/volume pots.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Let us know how the EMG works in your RG565!
9/19/2000 7:55 AM
John Fisher

I'm not sure what a EMG 60 is but I am asumming by the different posts that it is an active pickup.  
I have a similar question because I have an EMG humbucking active pickup sitting around that I've never tried but was wondering how I could use it with passive pickups. Would there be a problem if both the passive and active outputs went to the same jack because the active would bog down the signal of the passive pickups?  
Would there also be an extream volume difference between the 2?  
John Fisher
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