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wilkinson vsv tremelo!

8/2/2000 8:00 AM
frank #2 wilkinson vsv tremelo!
Hi folks,  
I heard a lot about wilkinsons vsv tremelo,  
is this indeed a major update and a good replacement  
tremelo on a strat style guitar?  
Does wilkinson have a web-site?  
Where can i view pictures of this tremelo?  
Thanks a lot,  
Regards, Frank#2
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8/2/2000 9:26 PM

First of all, yes, it is very good IF you want the jangly bright brash tone of this metal trem.  
It is $$$$. $165 list. Even at a discount, you can imagine it's still up there.  
I haven't found a website - if I ever get my digital camera working I will post a picture.  
It really changes the tone of the guitar. In my Pacifica's case, much more brighter, louder, raw.  
I love it.  
8/2/2000 9:39 PM
frank #2
Hi Aron,  
Thanks for your reply!  
Is the wilkinson vsv more sustainfull than an-  
original vintage-style strat tremelo?  
In what way does it sound differend than a vintage trem?  
Thanks a lot!  
Regards, Frank#2
8/3/2000 12:44 AM

I don't know if it's more sustainful at all. It makes your guitar louder - a lot louder and brighter.  
Without having tried a vintage trem on my guitar, I can't really say how much of an improvement it is - but I tell you, the action of the trem is fantastic. The arm and pivot is great.  
8/3/2000 4:15 AM

if you like the tone of a vintage trem, you'll probably hate the wilk. you'll lose fullness and gain harshness. i put one on and did a few gigs with it. then i returned to the vintage and it was like going from a cheesy plywood junk heap to a great guitar. i can't guarantee youll hear the same thing, but it was nite and day to me. horrible trem imo.  

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