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Kahler Flyer Trem

7/9/2000 8:38 PM
Matthew Drobnak
Kahler Flyer Trem
Where can I get intonation/setup info on this bridge? Anywhere on the net? Or, if anyone has some printed stuff, I'd appreciated if someone was able to scan it and email it to me...  
7/10/2000 4:10 AM
Steve Ahola

    Which one was the Flyer? I have the old Kahler eccentric trem on one guitar and their licensed Floyd Rose trem on another. (It might take me awhile to find the literature on these since it was like 10 or 15 years ago that I saw them last...)  
Steve Ahola
7/10/2000 6:23 PM
Matthew Drobnak

Steve -  
It's the flat mount one with the all-in-one design,  
the one that doesn't quite go through the body.. its a roller trem type.  
7/17/2000 8:48 PM
John D.

Actually it uses 2 small springs that attach to the frame of the contraption. It has rollers and a pivot bar. I replaced mine with their bass springs. It stays in tune a bunch better. Used to be you could really yank it out of tune. I lucked out, they were still in business and sent me the springs for free. What set up info are you looking for?
7/18/2000 12:21 AM
Matthew Drobnak

Yes, that's a bit more detailed than the description I gave. :-)  
I'm looking for info on setting the intonation mostly...I can't figure out how to get to the screws that adjust the saddle.  
If you can help it'd be appreciated. The thing stays in pretty good tuning considering I don't have a locking nut on it right now..I oiled all the parts, and is as smooth as anything...I'm quite happy at the performance of something I paid $20 for. :-)  
7/23/2000 12:37 AM
Steve A.

    If your Kahler Flyer has a threaded hole on the bass side, it works great with a palm lever... I'll see if I can dig up the instructions for you.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Ditto on the suggestion about using the bass springs... So Kahler is out of business? Bummer. You could take the stock springs down to a hardware store and look for something a little bit stiffer.
7/25/2000 3:56 AM
Steve A.
No luck so far finding instructions...
    I did find the instruction sheets for my licensed Floyd Rose trem made by Kahler, but nothing on the Flyer yet. :(  
    Here's the stuff on the Kahler double-locking trem:  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. The address on the sheet is:  
American Precision Metal Works  
P.O. Box 9305  
Anaheim, CA 92802  
[Maybe someone living down there can check in the phone book to see if APMW is still listed...]

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