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Emg Mid boost problem!

7/8/2000 3:58 PM
Emg Mid boost problem!
Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help with this. Here's the deal: I have an amer. stand. strat that I put 54 custom shop pickups in. I'm trying to put an EMG mid boost pot (spc control) on the system. I have 2 250K pots (vol/tone) and the mid-boost, and I'm using a battery and EMG jack. The whole thing works fine, but when the vol. pot is turned it makes a "weeeooop" sound that is pretty loud, like it's feeding back, but only in the middle of the pots range. No problems when the pot is all the way up or down. I triple checked the connections by an EMG wiring diagram and everything looks correct. This control is supposed to work w/passive pickups. Help!  
Thanks, Ethan.
7/9/2000 8:10 PM
Matthew Drobnak

Ethan -- No, the EXG control does NOT work with passive pickups -- if you want to do that, you need to put on one of the EP2 (I think thats the model) preamps on the output of the 5 way selector, then it woould work fine.  
7/13/2000 2:55 PM

Hi Matt, I got faked out by EMG's webiste, it said it would work. For future reference, here's the deal: older SPC controls don't work w/passive pickups as impedance is wrong. Newer ones might, circuit has been changed a little. Adding the PA2 preamp might help to correct impedance problems according to EMG.  
7/13/2000 3:25 PM
Matthew Drobnak

I have EMGs in my Strat (89/SA/SA), thats how I knew it wouldnt work... According to the website:  
"Both the BTS and BTC units can be used with passive pickups as well as EMGs."  
However, that's for their bass line of EQ..  
From the FAQ:  
Can I use EMG accessory circuits on passive pickups?  
"Most EMG accessories can be used directly with passive pickups. They are the  
These EMG accessories cannot be used with passive pickups  
Mind you, afaik, this has been updated recently..Beforehand, it used to say that in order to use these circits with passive pickups you needed to put a PA2 preamp in..actually, the paragraph before this question says this:  
Can I mix EMG's with passive pickups?  
[parts omitted]  
"This is the best alternative. Install an EMG-PA-2 on the passive pickups. There are two benefits to doing this. With the trimpot on the PA-2, you can adjust the gain of the passive pickups to match the EMG's. The PA-2 acts as an impedance matching device so you can use the low-impedance EMG controls (25K) without affecting the tone of the passive pickups. You will also be able to use other EMG accessory circuits such as the SPC, RPC, EXB, EXG, etc. For this application, I recommend ordering the PA-2 without the switch for easy installation on the inside of a guitar."  
That's what I had remembered, and that was the reason for my answer... I was unaware they changed the circuitry a bit..  

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