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Re: Arch-tops: Curing Feedback

6/12/2000 1:28 PM
Rich P.
Re: Arch-tops: Curing Feedback
A buddy of mine bought a Jim Triggs-built Gibson Byrdland a few years ago, to use in clubs (he's an awesome pedal-steel jazz player and also plays lead on a few tunes).  
The guitar's hand-carved spruce top gives it great tone at lower volumes, but it was totally unuseable for his intended usage, due to feedback. It is a great sounding studio guitar, but you have to get used to its goofy short scale (I can't, it's got to be 25 1/2" for my tastes).  
I have a Gibson Howard Roberts archtop, which was adapted from the basic ES-175 models by using an oval sound hole vs. the 175's f-holes, and the use of a laminated maple top, (at Howard's request).  
I used it in a racous rock jam once at high volume, and as long as I kept my right arm on the top, It had no unreasonable feedback problem.  
It really sang and cut through the band like magic, on lead playing at that volume, though. I was quite surprised at its behavior under the circumstances.

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