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Re: Arch-tops: Curing Feedback - pickups 2

5/26/2000 3:06 AM
Re: Arch-tops: Curing Feedback - pickups 2
I'm looking at my ES225TD which in high school, I stuffed full of foam. It worked like a charm as well.  
Years, later I pulled it all out and it resonates great!  
BUT, what ARE those crappy single coil pickups it has???  
Anyone make a decent sounding replacement?
5/26/2000 3:08 PM

Alright, I just received an email from Charlie Baty the other day concerning the feedback problem. His advice was to note where I am standing with relation to the amp, find what volume level produces the feedback and then back off on the amp volume, and finally to install a soundpost. The problem with lowering the amp volume is that I lose the breakup. And since I'm already being careful with where I stand, the soundpost may be the best advice.
5/26/2000 7:47 PM
Eric H

"BUT, what ARE those crappy single coil pickups it has???  
Chrome covers with triangle shaped ends? Width between a Fender s/c and a humbucker? If so they're P-90's --some really like 'em.  
5/26/2000 10:33 PM

Black plastic covers -but yes, triangle shaped ends.  
Adjustable screws - pole pieces on it.  
Weird to be sure.  
5/27/2000 2:29 AM
bill m.

those weird pu's are the highly prized (by some) P-90 pu's! they are single-coil, therefore subject to HUM, but sound when adjusted as sprightly as tele SC's but almost as fat as HB's. bought a pair of '61 gibson P-90s, ripped out the P-100s from my LP special RI, installed the old ones--and tone heaven! how much ya want for that ES-225 w/ the lousy PU's? :) bill
5/28/2000 9:00 AM

I called my guru friend in Hilo and yes, they are P90 pu's.  
I guess they are not setup properly. He also informed me that they will sound mighty different since they are in a thinline hollowbody vs. a Les Paul etc...  
I can't really sell this thing cause it's my fathers one. It's also the first real guitar I ever played.  
Now if I can only find those PAF pickups that were taken out of my fathers 50 something ES350TD. (I read that Guitar Player Dan Erlwine article about the 350TD).  
5/27/2000 8:26 AM
Eric H

Same thing, different covers, next time you play that thing, think George Thorogood :)  

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