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Bass pickguard

3/27/2000 4:20 PM
Gus Bass pickguard
I have a MIM j bass that I am installing CS 60's pickups in, after sanding the pickup cover sides and scraping the paint off the bridge pickup cavity to fit it. I found out the pickguard does not fit the neck pickup. Question what pickguard (white) will fit a MIM with a CS fender neck pickup without drilling new holes?  
3/27/2000 7:43 PM
Joe Fuzz

Hi, Gus. If no one has a specific answer, you may want to poke around this site:  
They seem to have a pretty good selection and there's a form you can fill out for a quote where you can enter all of the various parameters you need. I haven't used them -- haven't needed to, yet.  
Good luck!
3/27/2000 9:03 PM

In what way does the pickguard not fit?  
Is the cutout just too small to accept the 60's pickup cover? In that case, I would carefully enlarge the pickguard opening using appropriate sized files (fine cut will allow you to zero-in gradually and make a nice clean straight edge).  
Is the American Standard pickguard same or different than MIM Standard? How about the '62 RI J-Bass pickguard? (Screw holes look different.)
3/27/2000 10:46 PM
The two stock pickups are the same not reverse wound or rp. They are the same size as well. the fender CS J's are different sizes the bridge is longer than the neck. My problem is the LxW of the neck pickup is OK but the mounts in the plasic cover don't fit right in the pickguard, the D's are in the wrong spot. The stock cover does not fit the CS neck as well. I will take the Pickguard to a store to match it up when I get the chance. Silly me thought the pickups might drop right in. Fender company if you lurk here whats up with the non humbucking MIM stock pickups the squier guitars humbuck in 2 and 4?

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