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2/25/2000 8:35 PM
Gus Wire
I am going to order some wire for winding pickups. From what I can find I think I want #42 forvar. Would this be the best for fender type pickups??  
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2/28/2000 5:45 PM

I'm guessing that thinner insulation material would bring the parallel wires of the coil closer together, increasing the shunt capacitance. (Same thing for wax potting, which has a lower dielectric constant than air.) Would this tend to cut ultimate brightness and produce a generally warmer sound balance? Then again, smaller OD wire would make for a more compact coil. A wider coil OD tends to reduce highs. The hand-guided wound pickups usually have a broad "swelling" at their middle, which adds to their warmer sound, when compared to accurately machine controlled coils whose width is very uniform from top to bottom. So there are things interacting and counteracting. I don't have enough pickup winding experience to say, "Do this to get that". I'd sure like to be friends with Seymour Duncan.  
There were a few different coatings used for magnet wire over the years. I think they were Formvar, plain enamel, and polysol. The resultant coating thicknesses are all different, and the final "wire" O.D. will differ for the same bare copper size underneath.  
What type is "best" I couldn't say. There are historical data for Fender pickups. Find out what type wire was used in which year's guitar pickups, and maybe that would be a clue as to the sound you would prefer in your rewinds.
2/28/2000 8:26 PM
Joe Fuzz

Gus: you are hardcore! Winding your own pickups. Just curious -- what type of magnet were you thinking of using?
2/28/2000 8:57 PM

I'm pretty sure he said it was #42 Formvar.
2/28/2000 10:06 PM
Joe Fuzz

#42 Formvar is a magnet?
3/2/2000 7:17 PM

Formvar is not a magnet, it's one type of insulation. I mentioned the main three types of insulation used for magnet wire in my previous post. Maybe you're speed-reading?  
Doc ;>)  
3/2/2000 9:08 PM
Joe Fuzz

Uh, no, I think you were speed reading. I asked what type of magnet he's using and you said he was using Formvar insulation. Magnet != Insulation.

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